Outreach Experience

During my time as an Education and Outreach Intern at the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center, I had the opportunity to help develop the Virtual Ice Explorer - an immersive virtual field experience (VFE) tool where viewers can explore a multitude of environments. These areas span the regions of scientific interest from the different research groups at the Byrd Center, like the Ice Core Paleoclimatology group's expeditions to the Quelccaya Ice Cap or Huascarán in Peru, or the Geochemistry group's expeditions to the Dry Valleys in Antarctica. Alongside these field sites, the team has also expanded their reach to include tours of different departments around Ohio State Univerity, like the School of Earth Sciences, the Arabidopsis Biological Resources Center, and the Byrd Center itself. The story of how this tool was developed, as well as more information about these VFEs was written by my co-authors and myself in an Eos article in summer of 2021 you can read here

Coming to the University of Arizona I have continued to build these virtual experience, including the Organic Geochemistry Lab that I conducted my MA research in, as well as a collaboration with the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research. Below are links to the Virtual Ice Explorer, as well as to the VFEs I've made myself. If you have any issues with these VFEs, find an error in text or content, or have any questions about how these VFEs are made please feel free to reach out!